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Magic day is a company specialized in video production, profiled recording of celebrations – weddings, corporate events and organizations, baptisms, birthday parties, where a team of professionals meets all of your ideas, but also complements your ideas. The professional team of Magic Day (cameramen, editors, sound engineers) consists exclusively of audio-video graduate engineers,which in addition to their expertise have an artistic approach to each project. In addition to the expertise and artistic approach, other segments are kept at a high level, the most modern recording equipment and software for processing and editing audio / video materials. Impeccable relationship to customers, responsibility and commitment are the responsibility of all employees.


Cameramen on your celebration will be as elegant as your guests and with minimal use of lighting our team will be totally unnoticeable for you and your guests. You will be surprised by the details and situations that they catch. All details and situations our editors combine in a story that looks like a movie, according to your wishes and depending on the organization of your celebrations, weddings. Sound engineer to your “movie” will give a special touch of sound effects mixing camera sound and mixers sounds of musicians at your party which greatly distinguishes from a standard approach of recording the celebration.



Recording with modern cameras are used to record music videos, commercials, …


Record sound with recorder superior quality.


Film editing and professional audio processing for the highest quality product.

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