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Because we know how special and important a wedding day is in a couple’s life, we have put together a professional team and the highest quality video and photo equipment to capture every moment that you will remember and watch with enjoyment and special emotions for the rest of your life. Your magical wedding day is our video and photo inspiration!

Your trust in the Magic Day team is justified with the best video and photos from your wedding that you are proud to share with your family, relatives, friends, and also on social networks. Satisfied bride and groom are our confirmation of our work, that’s why we approach each of you with special attention and professionalism – from the first conversation, through the selection of the most beautiful locations for filming and creative direction based on your wishes, to filming, photography and the creation of final materials that tell your unique love story.

Your magical wedding day deserves to be witnessed by the most romantic video and the most beautiful photos!

We want you to be the main role, the star of your wedding and the most beautiful couple that makes the day stop, we want to know how you have always dreamed and imagined your wedding, from childhood to today. We are here to make it happen so that you will always be happy to watch YOUR wedding story on video while you are snuggled together on the couch, and there is a framed picture on the table next to you.

Your magical wedding day is our video and photo inspiration


We believe that the quality of our work is best expressed by newlyweds and their wedding films, which are proudly supported by the Magic Day team.



marko-i anja wedding image

Marko i Sanja Jovanović

The love story of Marko and Sanja Jovanović especially inspired us and ignited our creativity in the way to show their wedding as a romantic film on location outside the city. They chose a farm, an open-air wedding and horses, which were the most beautiful scenery and became part of their love story.

Jovan i Ana wedding image

Jovan i Ana Nikić

The young married couple Nikić is head over heels in love even though they have been together for 10 years! Their sparkle in their eyes, seductive look and smiles adorned their wedding day, and we recorded the most beautiful shots and photos when the trumpeters came and when the mother-in-law and father-in-law led her in a circle, and the guests just lined up!

stefan-i arija wedding image

Stefan i Marija Vučković

Marija asked us to especially capture the moment of the toast when she will announce to her family, friends and all the guests that she is three months pregnant and expecting twins! We kept it a secret until the last moment, but we readily caught all the facial expressions as she gave her speech, thanks to the number of cameras that were in the right places.

Make your wedding more romantic than a movie



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